About MedNews

MedNews is an independent publication established in 2021 to provide information on the pharmaceutical, biotech and related medtech sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and globally. We focus less on ‘transactional industry news’ and more on having a deeper conversation with our readers.

We aim to deliver quality and insights, not volume, and to go deeper into the issues that matter through investigative reporting, exceptional storytelling, and informed commentary, delivering content designed for leaders, emerging leaders, and decision makers looking for more than clickbait headlines.

We cover market access, businesses, products, government policy, health economics, politics, people, legal, leadership and workplace, telling stories in such a way that people working in and with health are better informed, engaged and connected.

Editions come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with Breaking News as it happens.

Our Values

  • Fair

    In the era of fake news, well-researched, independent news stories written by experienced journalists dedicated to uncovering the truth is hard to find. MedNews strives for fair and balanced reporting. You may not always agree with us or like what we publish but our aim is for it to be fair.

  • Wise

    King Solomon, known in history for being wise, defined wisdom as knowledge with understanding. MedNews seeks out knowledge and looks to understand it before crafting it into stories that hopefully make us all a little wiser.

  • Brave

    Often the stories that most need to be written are the hardest to write. Pressing the publish button takes courage. It is at this point that we ‘put our brave on’. If the story is fair and wise, then it needs to be told. We promise to be brave, just as we promise to tell the stories of people in our industry who put their brave on.

Your industry, our community

We connect the people that share a common purpose of bringing new and effective products to market in Australia and New Zealand through deep knowledge, great relationships and unique storytelling.

MedNews also shines a light on industry sectors, highlighting their many successes while keeping them accountable through fair and courageous reporting.

Editorial guide

MedNews endeavours to provide independent, honest, fair and accurate news stories, analysis and commentary on the therapies that help people live longer and better lives, and the related technology that delivers these therapies. Media releases and story concepts that fit within this can be emailed to editor@mednews.com.au.

Embargoed media releases will only be respected if the content is newsworthy; there is a genuine reason to hold onto the story; and the information is not already available in the public domain. Contacting the editor for confirmation prior to issuing an embargoed release is advised.

For other editorial enquiries, including story ideas, please contact Megan Brodie at megan@mednews.com.au.

Advertising and paid content

MedNews may accept, at our discretion, homepage and in-story advertising which is not intrusive nor disruptive to the reader experience.

MedNews also accepts, develops and publishes bespoke content as part of our commercial strategic partnerships. We ensure this content conforms with our strong values and purpose.

For further information on advertising and commercial partnerships, contact info@mednews.com.au.

Meet our Team

Megan started her career in journalism in rural NSW before moving to the Daily Mirror and later Daily Telegraph covering NSW State Parliament. She later moved through a range of corporate affairs roles before returning to journalism.

As publisher and founding editor of MedNews, Megan determines which stories are published and writes regular commentary on the medicines industry.

A keen mountain biker and hiker, when not hunting down and crafting news stories Megan is chewing up Aussie bush trails or losing herself in the New Zealand backcountry.

Michael started his career at the professional services firm KPMG before moving into CFO, COO and CEO roles in private, public and government organisations. He has broad industry experience including property, legal services, aged care and entrepreneurial strategic investment.

Michael is responsible for both operational and strategic elements of the business.

When not mountain biking or hiking, Michael enjoys playing guitar and being near the sea.