Regulatory acronyms

  • PBS – Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • TGA– Therapeutic Goods Association
  • PBAC – Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
  • MSAC – Medical Services Advisory Committee
  • LSDP – Life Saving Drugs Program
  • ATAGI – Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation
  • ESC – Economic Sub-Committee
  • DUSC – Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee
  • ARTG – Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

Company acronyms

  • AZ – AstraZeneca
  • BI – Boehringer Ingelheim
  • MSD – Merck Sharp Dohme
  • BMS – Bristol Myers Squibb

Regulatory terms

  • Cost-effectiveness – A medicine is considered cost-effective if the incremental benefits it offers over its main comparator(s) justify its incremental costs and harms.
  • Cost-minimisation – An economic evaluation that evaluates the proposed medicine against the least costly comparator once it has been found no worse than its main comparator(s) in terms of effectiveness and toxicity.

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