New type of flu vax arrives

By Megan Brodie 3 years ago | In Products
  • 3 years ago

22 March 2021

Seqirus will offer its cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine FLUCELVAX QUAD in Australia for the first time this year after the technology has been available overseas for at least five years, and says the shot will not reimbursed on the National Immunisation Program (NIP).

The four-strain vaccine is the first cell-based influenza vaccine to be made available in Australia after it secured TGA approval in September, with Professor Robert Booy of the Immunisation Coalition saying the cell-based technology offered “an important tool in the fight against influenza for many years to come”.

Seqirus’ APAC Head of Medical Affairs, Dr Jonathan Anderson, said the company was “committed to continuous innovation in influenza prevention, and we are pleased to be able to provide a new vaccine option in FlucelvaxQuad to Australians in a season when we know flu vaccination will be so important”.

“Achieving high flu vaccination coverage was a key population health strategy for helping to reduce pressure on our hospitals and health care system as we faced COVID-19,” he said.

“This is expected to be just as important this year, and the introduction of a new flu vaccine will be timely to give patients and health care professionals additional options.”

The vaccine was approved in the US by the FDA in May 2016 and Seqirus says availability in Australia comes off the back of its $800 million investment in “a world-class cell-based influenza vaccine manufacturing facility in Australia to be located in Melbourne”.

“This means that in future years, Flucelvax Quad will be manufactured in Australia,” the company statement says.

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