Sanofi funds grassroots vax efforts

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Sanofi's Tracey Kelley and Richard Gerke

27 April 2022

Sanofi is funding grassroot community initiatives designed to bolster immunisation efforts by offering 10 grants of $5,000 to not-for-profit organisations seeking to improve public health via community-based vaccine education and uptake initiatives.

A call for applications for the inaugural ‘With Vaccines Community Grants’ program opens today (Wednesday), Sanofi ANZ Country Medical Lead Dr Iris Depaz saying the company wanted to support community initiatives that fostered a greater understanding of the role of vaccines in protecting the health of all Australians.

“As a leader in vaccines, we recognise the critical role that not-for-profit organisations play in sharing reliable information about vaccines and immunisation within their communities,” Dr Depaz said.

Sanofi Country Medical Lead Iris Depaz

“Australian communities are incredibly diverse, which is why we seek to support grassroots groups that have innovative ideas to deliver vaccine education tailored to local needs.”

The judging criteria requires applicants to provide details on how the proposed project will deliver community impact and how its success will be measured and reported.

Dr Depaz said Sanofi will establish an expert judging panel who will consider a shortlist to determine the 10 best submissions to receive grant funding.

“We want to see creative and considered submissions that have the potential to help protect the health of people across Australia,” she said. “I encourage all not-for-profits and community groups to get involved and put their ideas forward.”

The Immunisation Coalition is also looking to promote vaccines as Australia faces a severe flu season, the interest group expressing its concern about low vaccination rates and low levels of immunity across the Australian population.

New research commissioned by the Immunisation Coalition shows 73 per cent of adults expect this flu season to be worse than the last two years yet only 35 per cent of adults aged 18 to 64 plan to get a flu shot this year.

The Immunisation Coalition is looking to boost this through free flu vaccination clinics for people under 65 from tomorrow (Friday 29 April) at Sydney Town Hall.

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