Sanofi provides encephalitis shots

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14 March 2022

Sanofi is playing a major role in supporting the health of Australians facing recent outbreaks of Japanese Encephalitis, the company to mobilise more than 100,000 doses of its encephalitis vaccine for Australia.

Sanofi ANZ Country Medical Lead, Dr Iris Depaz, said vaccines had already started arriving in areas of most need.

“As one of the largest manufacturers of vaccines in the world, Sanofi is well-positioned to supply Australia with additional doses at short notice,” Dr Depaz said.

“Initial doses of our vaccine have already been distributed in Australia and we are mobilising our global supply chain to support the delivery of many more.

“Vaccines offer the main protection against Japanese Encephalitis, which can only be transmitted to humans via mosquitoes that have recently bitten infected pigs or wading birds. Most infections are mild or without symptoms, but approximately 1 in 250 infections result in severe clinical illness.

“The case-fatality rate can be as high as 30 per cent among those with disease symptoms.

“While Sanofi’s vaccine is normally used for Australians travelling overseas to endemic areas, we are well prepared to support Australia’s need for more vaccines with doses already manufactured being prepared for shipping into the country. This leverages our Global Supply Chain footprint, in particular across the Asia Pacific, to achieve the best possible timeline.”

The Australian Government is purchasing 130,000 doses of vaccines for Japanese encephalitis, committing $68.95 million to respond to the latest outbreak – now declared a virus of national significance.

The funding will be used to buy vaccines and for enhancing surveillance of viral activity in animals, humans and mosquitos, support testing, run mosquito control measures and model where the virus may spread.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has also announced an additional $2.1 billion in funding to help health systems prepare for winter with an expectation there will be a wide outbreak of flu as borders reopen.

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