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3 June 2024

A ground-breaking summit being held in Sydney next month will bring together government, industry, academic and patient stakeholders to consider how medicines and medical technology products can be valued so that they do not adversely impact global warming, the event attracting high-profile speakers from across Australia and New Zealand.

The first of its kind, Shaping the Future of Environmental Sustainability and Healthcare Access will bring a range of stakeholders together to understand what each is doing and to collaborate on solutions that will enable more sustainable procurement and delivery of medicines and medical technology in order to meet the Government’s strategic focus.

The Federal Government launched Australia’s first three-year National Health and Climate Strategy in December, its impact on medicines and MedTech supply chains and procurement policies sure to be significant. Despite this, little has been done to engage industry sectors with the Department of Health’s National Health, Sustainability and Climate Change division tasked with implementing the strategy.

A/Minister Ged Kearney has spearheaded the initiative on behalf of the Albanese Government, saying last year, “Climate change poses a range of threats to our health and wellbeing, from more frequent extreme weather events to changes in disease profiles as well as food and water insecurity”.

She will appear at the event to discuss the strategy and why the Government is putting such a strong focus on sustainability during its first term, including taking a leading role globally in supply chain sustainability.

Former PBAC Chair Professor Andrew Wilson and Pharmac CEO Sarah Fitt will discuss how sustainability can be implemented across health technology assessments (HTA) while former TGA head Professor John Skerritt will look at what is being done in the regulatory area to ensure products are more sustainable.

Academics Professor Rachael Morton and Professor Katy Bell, both of whom are working with Health on implementing the National Health and Climate Strategy, will discuss how environmental impact of medicines and MedTech can be measured while leading patient representatives Mark Brooke from the Lung Cancer Foundation, Ann Single from the Patient Voice Initiative, and Elizabeth Deveny from the Consumers Health Forum will deliver the patient perspective.

Facilitator Jo Taranto will lead a panel session discussing the circular economy with leaders in the field, while GSK, AstraZeneca and Medtronic will discuss what they are doing in an industry session.

The summit will also include international speakers given the Government’s Strategy includes a directive that the role of emissions foot-printing of health technology products be considered from a public procurement point of view.

The strategy states HTA should consider greenhouse gas emissions with a view to aligning Australia with international best practice, this policy one of the recommendations in the draft HTA Review.

Reporting of environmental impacts starting with greenhouse gas emissions is almost certain to be included in the final HTA Review report meaning advisory bodies such as PBAC and MSAC will have to consider not just clinical and cost effectiveness, but also the impact the proposed technology will have on greenhouse gas emissions and environmental sustainability, adding another layer of bureaucracy for sponsors to navigate.

The Strategy also requires Health to work with the UK’s National Health Service and US Department of Health and Human Services “to develop aligned procurement requirements to decarbonise health system supply chains”, meaning generic medicines sectors will also be impacted.

Hosted by HTAnalysts, Humanise Health, ISPOR Australia and MedNews, this one-day summit is in-person only and will take place at the UTS Ariel Function Centre in Sydney on 23 July 2024.

A unique opportunity to hear from government speakers on what it being done and to contribute to this important issue, tickets are now on sale and available either individually or as a table of 10. Numbers are strictly limited.

Tickets to the summit are available here.

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